Prevent blackouts, transformer, and bushing damage by curious squirrels with this all-in-one squirrel (and insect) stopping unit. Never again will your crew have to make costly repairs because of wildlife damage to electrical lines.  This one-piece unit locks under the top of the bushing skirt. Custom Utility's® integral locking tops allows for easy installation with gloves or tools. The new and improved design prevents bees, wasps, and other flying insects from nesting, further enhancing the safety of the lineman.  


Cost efficient and highly reliable, the Custom Capper™ is made from high density Polypropylene with extra UV stabilizers reducing deterioration from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. This unit is completely non-conductive featuring a dielectric strength of 34KV.


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Part Number Description
CPI-WPCL Custom Capper™, Closed Pack, No Hole
CPI-WPOPH Custom Capper™, Open Pack, With Hole